Foreword by Kgosi Pilane



As a people, we are the architects of our own future and the responsibility lies with us to envision, develop and shape our path towards the attainment of a legacy befitting our people for generations to come.

Just as the challenges facing our nation are varied and complex, so is the situation facing Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela. In order to not just overcome these challenges, but also transform our communities into a collective dynamic, modern and sustainable society, we all need to put a painful past behind us and work together towards a period of positive socio-economic growth.

With the formation of the Royal Council, I believe that the achievement of our goals have become more of a certainty than ever before.

We have as the Traditional Council focused our attention on developing plans that have created opportunities for sustainable job creation; facilitating a healthy and safe society; developing a skills base to cope with economic demands; promote the participation of SMME’s in BBK related investments; creating effective governance systems and developing infrastructure for improved coordination and communication between the different villages.

I am particularly proud of the calibre of management team that have joined the BBK Traditional Administration. They have strengthened our managerial competence; improved governance; increased capacity; energised us organisationally; and are assisting us to leverage our resources in order to achieve our vision of being a viable community. As part of our continuous improvement, we have commissioned the BDO Risk Assessment Services to consistently provide us with a review of our internal processes and organisational effectiveness.

Lastly, we cannot do the above without Morafe which we are accountable to as shareholders. Even though we are in leadership, we see ourselves as “servant leaders” whose interests are governed and shaped by the will, needs and desires of Morafe. We can only ask that you work with and support us to achieve our lofty goals. We have gone through challenges in the past and together we can strive for a better future.


Kgosi M.N.J Pilane.