Our Symbols


Kgabo ( Vervet Monkey)

The  Vervet monkey is a totem for the Bakgatla Nation. We identify ourselves with the kgabo ( Vervet monkey). Bakgatla comes from the word Kgabo.




Hut (Calabash)

The Hut represents SEDIBELO,  the mixture of traditional medicines used in the past by regiments when they fought other tribes. The regiment also used Sedibelo to protect themselves and the tribe when they were attacked by their enemies. That is why Bakgatla still take pride in  Sedibelo. When we greet each other we say KGABO,  the reply being SEDIBELO.





It is used to warm up the mixture of Sedibelo so that it becomes ready to be used. The fire plays the most significant part in the production of Sedibelo.  That is why in a Bakagtla poem there is a phrase which says – Sedibelo mollo(fire) se a fsa se a tshologa – meaning, when the  fire is next to sedibelo it becomes distilled and overflows from the calabash.